While many would like to live at home for the longest time possible, it can be hard to enjoy the many benefits it brings when age makes once trivial tasks a burden to complete. Therefore, we have built a platform in an attempt to overcome those issues and in the same time, address some disadvantages of living at home.

What it does

Communicare is a web application that connects people in need of assistance in their daily life with either other users or certified professionals who would be ready to help them out. The user can make and accept help demands which can be public, depending on whether they need the help of a professional or not. This system gives each person a granular control of how much help they need in their daily life and helps them keep up with their social life by providing a community driven platform.

How We built it

The website, which is hosted by Heroku, is built using the Angular framework. Our frontend communicates with our node.js backend through a REST api. All our user data is stored in the cloud with the help MongoDB Atlas.

Challenges we ran into

Creating a calendar system was more complicated than expected.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to finish the project despite the many bugs we encountered.

What we learned

We learned that even with simple ideas, the cost of implementing may be much longer than planned out. We also learned a lot about the many difficulties that aging in place poses on many people during our research on the subject.

What's next for Communicare

We would like to focus more on the social side of the platform where we could add features such as pairing multiple users who have the same block of free time in their schedule and organize activities for them. This of course includes a messaging app, bug fixes and better connection options between the 2 users.

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