Students love being social and discovering new things but don't always have enough money to do everything they want to do. This is where a new Raddish product, CommunEATy, would come in useful. This product would allow people to use the law of large numbers to save money on their restaurant bill all whilst helping out the restaurant by attracting many new customers. For businesses, CommunEATy could be a way to get discovered and students have a reason to go as a group since a discount is offered if certain attendance criteria are met!

What it does

CommunEATy is a website that helps you save money on restaurant meals by encouraging you to dine in groups, because the bigger the group the bigger the discount! The webapp allows you to plan your next group outing with friends, family or even strangers, while staying within your budget and meeting new people in the process.

How we built it

We used React for our front-end and used an SQLite database served by Express for the backend.

Challenges we ran into

  • CSS was deceptively hard this time around, but we managed to pull through with some (not so) elegant solutions!
  • Express and SQLite were not very collaborative in the first half of our McHacks experience.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Charlo is very happy about his dynamic progress bar! This hackathon was Roko's first and he learned a lot about all the aspect of web development.

We are all very happy to have a complete core project!

What we learned

Some CSS here, some database management tricks there and some CSS again here.

What's next for CommunEATy

A more stable and more easily scalable stack, along with a few nice to have features that were cut from the project. Also add the networking aspect of the project.

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