A closer knit community as well as task efficiency are two things everyone wants. Combine it with small day to day earnings and you have Commune. My inspiration comes from how wasteful it is for multiple people to go to the grocery store for the same items, or be sitting at home while 2 doors away a neighbor has to hire an expensive babysitter.

What it does

Commune brings the power of the community to you. Ask for favors free of charge or pay a little for a job like painting your house. Hire some kids to mow your lawn. Get someone in the neighborhood to help you out with that math topic you've been having trouble with.

Commune uses locational mapping to give you things you can help out with in your own neighborhood. You can be a good samaritan and even earn a little on the side.

Commune is designed to be a completely USER-DRIVEN community platform, hence there will be little to no external verification of identities by an external team. People will vouch for others who helped them out with a task and raise the credentials of the helpers.

How I built it

The interface is entirely built in Unity3D, while the back end is created in PHP using an SQL server. For the purposes of a demo, there is no live back-end available so some random data has also been generated to simulate the experience.

Challenges I ran into

Building the whole project alone was a difficult task, so I created most of the front end and part of the back-end for it. Designing an efficient way to sort locations in your database is part of the issue.

What I learned

A whole lot about PHP and SQL server implementation. Quite a bit about the Unity3D UI!

What's next for Commune

Further tweaks, optimization and UI improvements. A better search filter as well as a messaging/chat tool in order for people to communicate easily will be next on the list of additions.

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