The inspiration to develop this proposed solution was the rare birds back in my family land in Natewa and need for me to be active in NGOs and see how NGOs operate and I saw this challange hackathon as an opportunity to use my skills to understand more about NGOs and CSOs

Our solution to the problem is simple and straight forward also taking into considerations the extreme complications in processes that PIANGO has.

Our solution captures information, analyzes, tracks, monitors and displays it on a web browser that is also acessible throught mobile devices.

The solution was built through a website builder from godaddy sites .com and a GIS online solution called ESRI ArcGIS online as we belive that this is a geographical problem that needs a geogrpahical approach solution and hence the use of GIS. Open source programs are very expensive to maintian over lengths of periods of time hence our choice to use ArcGIS online.

The challenges we ran into while trying to develop it trying to fully understand the requirements of PIANGO and trying to navigate our drua through the vast compications of vague processes that PIANGO requires and converting these into technical IT solutions that make sense

We learned that NGOs and CSOs need a online solution to their needs and our proposal best fits the challenge in terms of use and budgetary requirements.

We look forward to all the solutions and hope to work together in the near future with any NGO or CSO in developing real it solutions for the pacific.

Thank you and Vinaa sara vaa levu for the wonderful opportunity.

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