This app was inspired by the tragedy of the commons. When a job that could benefit a large group of people needs to be done, it often goes undone because everyone assumes that someone else will do it.

What it does

This app allows many individuals to pledge a small amount of money towards accomplishing a task. Users can post their own tasks, or can contribute to tasks that they discover by browsing the directory of active tasks. At any particular moment, a user can also claim a task, pledging to complete it within the timeframe designated by the poster of the task. Upon the completion of the task, as verified by the original contributor or by several contributors, the user who completes the task receives all of the money pledged by other users for the task's completion.

How I built it

We used a Parse to hold our data and serve as our backend. From there, we implemented an iOS client and a web client. The web client is built on Node.js, and uses Twitter bootstrap as its style template. Monetary transactions were implemented on both platforms using the Blockchain bitcoin api.

Challenges I ran into

We hit the typical slew of bugs and technical issues, but also faced backtracking a few times when originally setting up the website. We were all new to Parse, (and the Blockchain api), but the APIs we made use of were simple enough that we were able to push through our technical issues.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We managed to stay coordinated while developing for two different platforms, and our application architecture was robust enough to support these two platforms. We have a fully featured application that looks sharp, and for all it's worth I'm pretty pleased with that.

What I learned

Take enough time to plan the application; rushing in to code won't save time in the long run.

What's next for CommPound

We'd like to see how much the judges like our application; If it fares well, we might decide to work on it as a startup.

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