We've heard many stories, especially during this COVID-19 pandemic, about a friend or a loved one who has undergone a major surgery/procedure to get better only to realize they are severely in debt. This can be because someone overlooked charges or independent contractors in the hustle and stress of their pre-ops, creating misinformed patients, who don't realize the charges they’re liable for.

We want to eliminate the shock involved with opening a medical bill. We want to give the power to the patient. This is probably one of the hardest times of their lives, and they should at least be able to avoid financial uncertainty. Our premise centers around one word: access. We want this to be the beginning of a world where a patient has access to their own medical information, doctor's notes, billing charges, medical history, as well as any future charges they are scheduled to incur.

The biggest challenge is creating a system that will integrate with the hospital's current system so that staff and doctors don't have to perform any extra steps but also relay the data in a secure way to the hands of the patient.

Our aspiration is to build different components that will integrate into the one app all hospitals and patients will ever need.

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