How a business treats its employees is a deciding factor of whether or not you should buy from their company.

What it does

Let's allow employees to rank how their employers treat them and place that as a portion of the business's rating.

How I built it

Django-Rest Framework that provides calls locally to an iOS app. Algorithm for business ranking takes in info from Yelp's API, Metro API, and a few others with which it ranks each business with.

Challenges I ran into

Backend && algorithm design required an immense amount of time. We also had to create random data for a few algorithm variables. Biggest portion was the limiting number of API calls && editing the backend API calls to sleep for specific amounts of time to not overload the API requests per sec.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Being able to work in a team with talented and experienced developers to create an app that helps promote small businesses.

What I learned

Implementation of Django-REST framework in order to create an API. This basically allows for the creation of a backend for any programming.

What's next for Commonwealth

Refactoring our code if people find our app idea cool/useful.

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