The Application was inspired by a need to help individuals who owned small car dealerships and people who aren't aware of those small businesses. The target user for the App primarily is a mixture of the buyer and the seller (dealership owner). As many of us know car hunting is a process that takes time to get the best deal. While most large dealerships have a dedicated website to help drive sales, smaller dealerships do not have the means/ funds to have that technology integrated with their business model. With this application it gives these businesses a chance to reach customers they might not have reached before. In some instances the dealerships that don't have a website may have a much better deal than the premium that comes with purchasing a car from a dealership. The features that make this app a winner are it's ease of use and easy integration with Google maps API. A lot more features are to be added in the future but we chose to only focus on one use case. There is also a sharing feature that can share through email (SendGrid), text, and other platforms.

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