We were ramping up our training on CNC tools for woodworking when we realized that an excessive amount of dust was settling in the shop, and some of the members at our makerspace were starting to feel discomfort.

What it does

The system monitors the environment as well as user behavior to provide clear, simple actionable feedback. The system runs most of the logic and data analysis in the background in order to provide novice users and bystanders with clear visual cues while leveraging APIs for wearable devices to warn users who are wearing protective gear of potential hazardous conditions.

How we built it

This prototype has circuits and switches that simulate the environemental sensors and user behavior. The circuits and software logic are built such that the real sensors can be plugged in to monitor the real environment in the workshop.

Challenges we ran into

There are two fundamental challenges. First, setting up the IT infrastructure to transmit sensor data seamlessly to the system for analysis. The second problem is that we cannot just display raw data, but rather to match the conditions that are indicated to the data to behavioral cues that are intuitive for users.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We were able to build a cross-functional team spanning sensors and physical models, back end and front end web infrastructure, best practices in shop management, and behavioral sciences and social conditioning.

What we learned

Having the right team with a broad range of skills can help us to very quickly prototype a working system that will be ready for demonstration.

What's next for Common Sensor

Either to open source the project or assess the feasibility for commercialization. The baseline system is likely to be implemented in our current workspace, but there may be a need for adoption at a larger scale.

Built With

  • arduino
  • behavioral-sensors
  • environmental-sensors
  • mamp
  • visual-feedback
  • wearables
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