This idea stems from another idea of mine which is written and submitted in a Provisional Application at United States Patent and Trademark Office. Both ideas are aimed to find correlations among different sources that may have caused or worsen diseases, including Diabetes type II, in this Challenge.

What it does

This app will gather ingredients information from diabetes patients that better or worsen their diabetes symptoms, using Product Code, scanned by our smart phone, with a UPC/QR code scanner app for example, on products the patients consume. In turn, the app will utilize the concept of Dot Map, similar to the algorithm used by the English physician John Snow in the 1854 Cholera outbreak in Soho, London, and/or other statistical algorithms to find the greatest probability or the strongest correlation among the ingredients that may have cause or worsen the symptoms of Diabetes type II patients. The app will also ALARM/ALERT other patients BEFORE they buy or consume a product consisting those presumed "harmful" ingredients, using Voice Recognition Technology, and/or other alarm systems including, but not limited to, SCORING and/or other visual graphics, while the patients scan a food package’s Product Code for example. The app shall include a Recommendation Engine where an alternative product is crowd sourced by the participants of this app. The results can also be shared among diabetes patients communities, in order to improve their diet choices, and a sense of belonging and helping others by participation, using Voice Recognition technology. The ingredients information can be cross-reference with known researched ingredients that worsen diabetes symptoms.

Challenges I ran into

Lots work to do. So little time...

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