Commodisense is a realtime price tracker for commodities with a difference.

The system is targeted at the developing world, where many have leapfrogged fixed telephone lines in favour of mobile phones. As banking in the developing world moves to mobile phones, so should financial services, and Commodisense is just that.

Commodisense takes the form of a text based global and local price tracker, that involves local farmers in the creation of a map of world commodity prices relative to the global futures prices for the same commodities being traded on Bloomberg. We hope that by highlighting the price disparity of goods when purchased from local individuals compared to the global trading price, we can encourage a more equal distribution of wealth in the global supply chain.

Encompassed within the project is a web API for Bloomberg's internal API that allows access to Bloomberg's incredibly dense historical data reserves, as well as real time updates, to any computer connected to the public internet. We have also created an Internet of Things device to highlight the possibilities of our system. The demonstration unit we have created shows a ticker that reads off local produce prices as deals are made in the local community, as well as displaying the global trading price for the same commodity.

Our project relies heavily on the Bloomberg and Twillio API that provide it with the majority of its feature set. We have also made heavy use of Python to negotiate with Bloomberg, as well as Arduino, Node.js, MongoDB and Meteor.js to provide us with our realtime capabilities.

We would really appreciate you stopping by our expo stand and we look forward to demonstrating our hack to you guys.

  • Alex, Brien, Dan and Jimmy
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