Did your political candidates live up to their words? Did you fulfill your new years resolution? Did your school lower tuition like they promised?

Probably not. There simply isn't enough incentive to do so. Commitify creates that incentive, by forcing people to stake monetary value while potentially earning big rewards with all their commitments.

It's simple. You make a commitment, and set a monetary reward. Other users sponsor you with small amounts of money. Once your monetary award has been fully collected, you have a set amount of time to prove that you fulfilled your commitment.

If you fulfill your commitment, you receive the monetary reward in full. If you don't, though, you will have to pay every sponsor the amount they donated on top of refunding their sponsorship.

Commitify uses bitcoins for its transactions, and is thus very secure. Payouts are guaranteed by temporarily holding all funds required until a commitment is resolved. Using our peer and staff verification system, you can be assured that commitments are properly reviewed.

Here at Commitify, we believe in committing to our promises. Through our platform, we hope the rest of the world will join us.

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