What is the Commit Policy Plugin for JIRA?

This JIRA add-on verifies the changes committed to your Version Control System against a set of configurable rules (the so-called commit policy). When the policy is met, your commit is accepted. When it is not, the commit is rejected and you are asked to "fix" that, by writing a relevant commit message, by linking your commit to JIRA issues, by removing unwanted files from your commit, by not updating locked files or directories, and so on.


  • Bidirectional traceability from source code changes to user stories, tasks, bugs or other issue types
  • Enforces conventions and best practices
  • Clearer commit history
  • Well-organized repositories and source code
  • Controlled processes

Available conditions (can be combined with AND/OR)

  • Committer must have a valid JIRA account
  • Commit message must contain issue keys from a JQL query
  • Commit message must match a pattern
  • Changed files must match a pattern

... and more!

Supported Version Control Systems (can be mixed!)

  • Git
  • Git with Bitbucket (formerly known as Stash)
  • Subversion
  • Mercurial

... plus more coming!

What's next?

  • Support for Perforce
  • Support for Team Foundation Server
  • Support for Clearcase
  • Tighter integration with Bitbucket, GitHub and GitLab
  • Porting to JIRA Cloud
  • More conditions

Requesting features? Tell us now what you want, We are all ears.

Learn more

See the user documentation. Also see how it compares to the old JIRA Commit Policy Plugin.

— Need some help? We're here to help. You can also follow us for updates.

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posted an update

News for the Bitbucket Server (previously known as Stash) users: we also built a free add-on that implements a super-convenient-to-configure hook in Bitbucket. The hook connects to the REST API exposed by the Commit Policy Plugin for JIRA, which does the verification.

The idea is to eliminate the inconvenient manipulation of the hook scripts in the serverside file system, making it fast to apply policies to Bitbucket managed Git repos.

Current status: we have a fully working prototype. We will need several weeks until we release it for the public, we drop me a mail (aron.gombas at midori-global.com) if you wanted to get the BETA.

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