Are you really productive?

When you go to sleep, do you feel accomplished? Like seriously, think about it. We all strive to become more productive, but can never perfect this key skill for success! A main contributor to this is procrastination, we have all done it. With the condition of remote work and school taking place online, it becomes easier for people to procrastinate, especially when there's no one is checking on them.

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It is clear that productivity is based around habits, and procrastination is a bad habit. But how do we solve procrastination? Sure, we can try and set artificial deadlines, but you already know what is going to happen. You stick to these for a couple days and then its back to the beginning, why is this?

Why self set deadlines do not work

2 reasons. So for humans to stick to deadlines, they need reward or threat. At school this threat is failing the course, detention etc. This is why we are always much more successful with completing school tasks. Another reason is the lack of motivation, we have nobody to review our work and keep us on track, this is basic psychology. But how do we solve these problems?

The solution? Commit!

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COMMIT is a peer-based productivity app dedicated to helping you stay committed and motivated to achieve your goals. To use commit, you write your daily goals when you wake up and add them to the todo list, then when you have completed them, simply upload a photo of your achieved task!

COMMIT is more than a todo list. We solve 2 major problems stopping you from being productive. The first new concept is our proof of work community approach. Add friends and get notified when they complete a task, similar to class room. You can then validate each others work to check if you have completed the proposed task, proof of work system. We have also added a threat (optional), something that push you to complete your goals, this is done through money. Assign a value to each goal, and if you fail to meet this goal before deadline, you pay the proposed fine. Once you COMMIT to it, there's no backing out!

We know the biggest hurdle to finishing tasks is starting them. We hope this way can bring you one step closer to your goals. No excuse to procrastinate!

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How we built it

The app was entirely built on Flutter with the database on Firebase. We also designed the prototype beforehand on Figma.

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenge was, none of us knew Flutter but we were able to learn it and design the app in the same time, then the next challenge was to route all the screens in the app.


We knew coordination would be a challenge as we are an international team from 3 different continents and hence, 3 extremely different time zones. We stepped up to the challenge and made it work, by delegating each person with tasks of equal work, we managed to lower the workload all while keeping good communication all while being up to 7 hours apart.

What we learned

No one in our team knew Flutter before, so we learned Flutter which was great. We also learned about firebase and image upload using buckets. This was a big learning curve within 48 hours but we managed to successfully complete the project.

What's next for COMMIT

Thank you for your enthusiasm guys, we hope that we will soon be launching the app in Play store and Apple store. Stay tuned!


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