Communication is a challenge for people with hearing impairment. With new emerging technologies constantly being rolled out on the market such as the Google Home, Amazon Echo and various other voice assistants that automate tasks easier for people with busy lives, we wanted to enable groups who are unable to communicate with these devices to have the ability to talk and utilize these innovative technologies.

How we built it

We used OpenCV and Azure to translate sign language to text. Then, utilizing the Google-Sheets API and various other applications, we converted the text to speech, outputting the strings for Google Home to understand and respond.

What's next for discovery

We hope to empower people with hearing impairment so that their thoughts, ideas, and voices can be heard. Currently, COMMI gives people the opportunity to communicate and give commands to voice assistants like Google Home. In the future, we hope to develop COMMI to be used as a tool to help podcast presentations for the deaf. Without the assistance of a human translator, COMMI will be able to turn sign language into speech.

Built With

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