• The project is inspired when talking to the statefarm engineer

What it does

  • Typically, this chrome plugin is used for help saving the time of agent of insurance company on the comment of consumer.
  • And the plugin is currently used for analyze the comment on

How I built it

  • I spend 30 hours working on my own and use different kind of javascript library to visualize the data I processed(using python to find pattern)

Challenges I ran into

  • This is the first time I write a chrome plugin. And I know nothing about it before the hackathron begin.
  • The most difficult part is that debugging javascript and html is much harder than c++ or python. So I stuck in many places for a long time until I find some kind mentors that can help me.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • I finally finish the project and I overcome all the problem with the help of the mentors and google myself.

What I learned

  • I learn how to write chrome plugin.
  • I learn how to use d3.js and jqcloud.

What's next for comment_visualizer

  • I will be working on the comment parsing and make the plugin more accurate and powerful

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