One of our teammates was really interested in writing up a project about this topic and we thought that it would be easy for us to implement.

What it does

The homepage shows five false profiles for fictional people, and clicking on a profile gives you the option to comment on it. If your comment includes any of the provided personal data, you are alerted: "Privacy violation!"

How we built it

We collaborated via GitHub, bringing together the false profiles with a basic site layout. After the site was finished, the files were uploaded to a REPL.

Challenges we ran into

The challenges that we faced were that we all had lack of GitHub experience as well as lack of JavaScript and HTML skills before the hackathon. (Also, one of our teammates, Valeria Cerpa Salas, was unavailable for submission.)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We managed to complete the profiles and comment pages for five people despite lack of experience.

What we learned

Overall, we learned how to program in HTML and Javascript in further detail.

What's next for Comment Justice

We were hoping to refine the script so that even if part of the information was used in a comment, the user would still be called on it.

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