We wanted to improve on the current web voice experience.

How it works

It's a javascript library that page owners add to their own page by including a single script. Then they tie a phrase to an action and commandr takes care of the rest. Commandr also is a two-way street: The Commandr.speak function allows the page to speak back!

Challenges I ran into

Integration between our server and clients was tough. Ambient noise and microphone quality play a large part in speech recognition!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The whole thing! We've received very positive feedback.

What I learned

We came up with the idea as a team and iterated on it many times!

What's next for commandr

We want to introduce commandr to the open source community. Feedback has been great but we also didn't get to implement everything we wanted to. We'd love to open up commandr script development to the public and let people share their bindings.

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