I got dragged into playing commander with some of my friends, and I've been hooked ever since!

What it does

Shows you a list of commanders and allows you to look up commanders from Magic the Gathering using the Scryfall API.

How I built it

I planned out the features I wanted to use on a Trello board and then I opened up Android Studio and coded. I began work with the home screen and then created the list and search pages

Challenges I ran into

Brand new Coding environment, first time using API, Android being a difficult platform to program for

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Figuring out how to actually make this work!!! Also, having the search results show up.

What I learned

How to use APIs, what an API is!

What's next for Command Zone

Making it prettier! Integrating every feature that I hadn't integrated, like a deck builder and a deck playtester! Also, a lore tab would be really interesting. Specifically, looking towards the future -Displaying Pictures on the Commander Search Tab -Dynamic memory allocation so you can see the entire list of commanders -Deck Builder that recommends cards -Possibly a website -Integrate with the TCGPlayer API to allow for purchasing of decks through the mass entry feature -Deck Playtest (Draw sample hands, play out turns...)

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