Inspiration Volunteers make a positive difference in times of emergency and disaster; however, oftentimes emergency responders and volunteer managers report that directing large numbers of unaffiliated volunteers who arrive at disaster sites presents both a boon and a challenge to aid efforts.

What it does Operated by a 501(c)(3) organization, the entity services as the "dispatcher" and fiscal sponsor for volunteers to strongly affiliate and be covered by insurance. The responsive app allows users with various roles to register resources and a survivor of a disaster can use the app to locate free shelter or request assistance.

How I built it I built it meticulously after conducting extensive research

Challenges I ran into I am an one-person team. I asked others and tweeted that maybe we should all join together, create one app and donate the $5,000 prize to disaster relief.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of I completed about 75% of the app.

What I learned is there is an existing telecommunications infrastructure called Automatic Packet Reporting System that can be used in emergency situations and permits communication between users.

What's next for Command Post Deploy it live.

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