What is Comixr?

Comixr is a place to view all of your favorite webcomics in one place. By simply adding the url of a webcomic, Comixr will display the current comic found on that website. Now it's easier than ever to keep up to date on all your favorite webcomics. Enjoy!


I read a lot of webcomics and wanted to create an app or webpage where I could view all of my webcomics in one place.There have been numerous times where I've forgotten to check a webcomic on a given day, which leads me to forgetting about it for several weeks. Once I realize this, it's too late. I now have weeks of comics to read through. Thus, Comixr was born!

To Use Comixr

Simply enter the url of a webcomic (starting with http://) into the box and click add. Not all webcomics work at the moment, but if it does, the comic will appear below with any other comics you've added.

If you want to try it out, some webcomics that do work include:

If you find a webcomic that works and isn't on this list, comment the url. It'll help make Comxir better in the future!

The Future

I have a lot of ideas for Comixr. Some couldn't be completed in the time frame of the hackathon that this was built during, but I hope to add everything else in the oncoming future.

Future functionalities:

  • Extended webcomic availability - allow more webcomics to work with Comixr (Highest Priority)

  • Remove Webcomic - remove a single webcomic

  • Improved input formatting - accept urls with or without "http://"

  • Categories/Tags - display webcomics with the same tag

  • Days of the week - display only the webcomics that update that day

  • Title/Alt-Text - dispaly the title and/or alt-text of the comic, if applicable

Thanks For Checking Out Comixr!

Leave any thoughts in the comments section. I'd love to hear all feedback.

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