We got to know PSP34 - NFT standard while watching Astard Doucentation. However, it was confirmed that all NFTs manufactured by PolkaDot were manufactured using ERC-721. So we decided to make a mint site with PSP34.

What it does

This dApp enables users to create and deploy NFT with customisable text message in PSP34 standard. Such NFT can be used as proof of participation, Thank you message, Congrats or similar.

How we built it

we made it by referring to the PSP34 example and Shibuya test net connection method, but there was no time. We look at other people's code, we create it, we submit it. link

Challenges we ran into

The whole thing was a challenge. It was hard to put a lot of information in my head because it was the first time for Rust and Ink and the Polka Dot network.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It's been two months since we learned blockchain. In the Bitcoin white paper, I learned Ethereum, Solidity, and PolkaDot substrates and came all the way here. It was hard because there was not much data in PSP34, but I made it simple.

What we learned

We learned about Polkadot for the first time through this hackathon. We got to know Polkadot's relay chain, Parachain, and we understood Polkadot's ultimate goal. So we've been learning about substrates. However, we had no choice but to do a simple project to finish within the hackathon deadline.

What's next for Comet

We are going to participate in the polygon hackathon. Ultimately, they learn all the layer0, 1, and 2 techniques to create a parachain and enter the PolkaDot ecosystem.

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