Voice Capsule has been Jim’s dream for well over 20 years but the technology just wasn’t there. I truly miss having conversations with my grandparents, I miss their sayings, their dialect, utterances and hearing their voice. With my parents aging, I am passionate about preserving their memories so their great-great grandchildren will be able to have a conversation with them!

What it does

The Voice Capsule Android app offers 4 functions.
The 1st function is to Record and upload video content to capture your memories for future generations to enjoy. The 2nd function is Press to Talk to have a virtual conversation with your family and friends. The 3rd function is Chat to Talk where you can type a question and get a video response back. The 4th function is the ability to have a hologram of the virtual person.

With Voice Capsule you can entertain your family and friends now and forever by them being able to have interactive virtual conversations with you. Don’t be Forgotten!!

How I built it

The components applied to our application use AT&T 5G so we can push media quality content and to have seamless virtual conversations without lag and buffering. A one minute video recorded with the Samsung S10 5G phone produced a 250 meg file. From the phone we pushed the video to Node Red and from Node Red we push the file to IBM Watson to process the data using speech and then we did data analytics to determine the correct response to any question.

Challenges I ran into

Lack of sleep, not enough time to beautify our app. But, Samsung and IBM provided excellent support in answering all of our questions, so we actually have a working app!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Being able to experience AT&T 5G which allowed us to capture and upload 4k video that exceeds 200 meg files within seconds. We were also thrilled to be able to have a virtual conversation without lag or buffering issues. Expanding our knowledge about the Samsung S10 5G phone and IBM Node-Red, Watson and their cloud products.

What I learned

AT&T 5G is extremely fast. Samsung S10 5G phone has outstanding video quality and IBM solutions are very powerful.

What's next for Voice Capsule

To publish our app in Samsung’s Galaxy Store and Google Play Store. Continue to add features such as IBM Watson Personality Insights so that the Voice Capsule media will be able to determine the mood of the User in order to provide a more realistic conversation.

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