Comic One was founded by three co-founders, Jerry Thach Le, Henry Dao, and Sunny Nguyen. They share the same passion for comics and technology. When they met in 2021, a big wave of blockchain changed the game industry. Then, they asked each other “What if blockchain gets applied to the comics industry?” That is how Comic One is born.

Jerry has 15-year experience in Technology, Marketing, and Strategy consulting for billion-dollar-valuations corporations in Vietnam. As well as being a technology entrepreneur, he is also a guru in fundraising and business strategy. In 2017, Jerry successfully raised 3 million dollars for his real estate business.

Comic One’s founders are committed full-time to the project. We are at the MVP development stage and work hard around the clock to release the platform in Q3 2022.

What Is Comic One?

Comic One is a platform where:

  1. Artists/studios get funding by cryptocurrency and sell their content to top distributors.
  2. Content distributors purchase high-quality content that fits their needs
  3. Users can invest in content projects, buy and sell NFTs, win NFT Lucky Draw, join special events and much more.

COMIC is the project utility token that is used for:

  1. Investing in content projects
  2. Buying, selling NFTs
  3. Swapping NFTs
  4. Buying NFT Lucky draw
  5. Staking COMIC Tokens for buying limited NFTs and investing in art projects
  6. Paying the subscription fee to their favorite artists
  7. Purchasing special event entrance
  8. Other activities fee such as paid content

What Values Does Comic One Have?

* Marketplace: Creators mint NFT and sell them. Investors buy/trade/exchange NFTs.

* NFT Lucky Draw: Special NFT-based lucky draws like Mega Millions or Powerball bring huge prizes to all investors.

* Launchpad: Creators list their projects to get funded by the community. With funds, they will produce high-quality content to match the distributors’ requirements and receive revenues right after selling their works to distributors. And investors will get back their profits as well.

* Events: Where all kinds of activities including NFT collections launching, Launchpad projects, NFT Lucky Draw, and many other events taking place.

* Comic Hub: Publish to earn, Contribute to earn, Draw to earn, Coach to earn...

* IP: After a Launchpad project is successfully funded and produced, content distributors can purchase the whole finished project or its IP licenses, then quickly distribute them on suitable platforms such as cinemas, webtoons, game studios,...

* Content Distributors: Content distributors provide their content quality requirements, invest in creator’s Launchpad projects or purchase finished projects and IP licenses.

What's next for Comic One

Comic One aims to be the lead content platform in the world by 2025.

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