Sometimes, everyone needs some emotional support, but we can't all afford a pet or companion to provide it for us. We wanted a useful way for everyone to have more interaction with animals, and for shelter pets to receive more publicity.

The website uses the google calendar API and a database of adorable shelter animals to remind people of upcoming events, and to take time for themselves if they have none.

We used an AWS domain, and used the google cloud platform to host the website. The front-end user interface is made with Expression.

We were challenged by our lack of knowledge about javascript and other languages, and our inexperience in web development.

We are proud of forcing the AWS domain and Google Cloud platform to work together, and the fact that we all challenged ourselves with an ambitious project despite our lack of knowledge.

We learned about AWS web hosting, the google cloud platform, and APIs.

We hope to enable video chat using the tokbox API to allow more interaction with the animals, leading to close relationships, and possibly add a virtual reality element.

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Maia Dupuis posted an update

Website is up and running. Currently working on implementing the event feature of the google calendar API. Web Design development is continuing to be worked on by our front end team. Back end team is taking a nap.

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