Comfort for every patient. An app for every patient's Microsoft surface.

We focused on the patient responses to their inpatient experience and trended what they found needed most improvement in the hospital. We found, as expected that NYP has highly competent staff and complaints were often not related to actual health needs. From there, we honed in on engaging the patient with the core pain points we found: room temperature, room cleanliness, food & timeliness. We also found that in the areas of the hospital where there were hourly rounds, the patients were 3 times more likely to rate the hospital favorably. Therefore, we want the patient to feel that everyone they encounter at the hospital is a person invested in their care.

By making the experience more active, transparent and personal, the patient is able to expand the perception of the care team to beyond clinical staff and feel more engaged with the process. Additionally, this will allow the clinical staff to focus more on the specific healthcare needs of the patient.

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