Everyone's a little stressed or a little sad at times. Wouldn't it be great if you could have someone cheer you up with just a tap of a button? We decided to do that with Comfort.

People can post things they're willing to do for a base price (ex: animal shelters can bring kittens to people). We're opening up a new market by allowing nonprofits and people to make money by cheering people up! They can define a base price and we'll add on $X for the amount they need to travel. Just like Uber, all they need to do is tap the "on" switch to have their campaign displayed - and when they're busy, they just have to turn the switch off. They get to choose their own hours.

Buyers can track where their new best friend is. With just a tap, they can request a person to come by instantly. Credit card information is stored so they don't have to worry about that.

We have the following features:

1) Credit card payments/saving information (Stripe API)

2) Flexible campaigns that can be turned on/off with a switch

3) Being able to create campaigns in the app

4) Photo filters for your campaign cover photo!

5) Push notifications when app is in background, alerts when app is in foreground

6) Realtime location tracking and visualization

7) Buyer/Seller ratings

We also stressed the little details such as parallax headers, a beautiful slideshow of options, etc. We chose a color scheme that's supposed to psychologically promote happiness/comfort also. :)

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