Motivation for friends to diet, bulk, etc. With the app and the website, it's easy to stay motivated and see how other are doing. Gone are the days of relapsing on your diet or ditching the weight goals, with comFITition there's an amazing community to keep you going.

What it does

Bringing together friends (or strangers) who have mutual goals and values, it tracks each individual's personal goal through calorie intake, exercise, etc., and uses a social posting platform to encourage and keep each other accountable. It also keeps track of short term and longterm personal improvement.

How we built it

Hosted on google firebase and deployed to a .TECH domain. The webapp's js was done all from scratch to pull and use the USDA API. Android studio used for the android app to keep track of users on the go. Firebase database and the fileserver as a backend for the chat and user authentication.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Just learning about web dev with a hands on approach with a team that din't know much in building web applications, we were all willing to learn and pursue the goal though there were many obstacles. Learning about css, js, and the way that everything interacted was a good experience for everybody.

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