In a day and age where technology is becoming more and more pervasive, it seems like many people are still not taking advantage of these tools to invest. Formal education on personal finance is expensive, and learning on your own can be bland and tiresome. _ We want to create an interactive way to make saving competitive with those you know, while providing a way to learn about personal finance. _

What it does

comFi allows users to sign in through Facebook and their bank accounts to connect to other friends and form groups. These groups provide data that allow users to compare their financial habits. Users can base these comparisons on certain categories to see how their spending matches up with their friends.

How we built it

comFi was built as an iOS app using Swift for the frontend, node.js for the backend server, and Firebase for the database.

Challenges we ran into

Putting our server online took a very long time. Transaction data can be very inconsistent, so finding useful data was difficult at times. This was also the first hackathon for half of the team, so just getting used to hackathons was a challenge in itself.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're very proud to be able to utilize Plaid and the Facebook Auth system to allow users to login and access their bank account information. We are also very proud to have created this app with a 50% novice group. We _ challenged _ ourselves by reaching outside our comfort zones and working on areas we were unfamiliar with.

What we learned

We learned that creating content in foreign areas of knowledge is very possible. We spent a lot of time tackling problems throughout the past day and learning from our mistakes. We learned how to connect to a backend server from an iOS frontend client.

What's next for comFi

Add more features to the app that not only shows user data, but shows the data in a useful way. We want to focus more on education by highlighting the benefits of continuous long term investment. Friends who save together, stay together.

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