In lieu of COVID-19 and lockdown, many hobbyists have been forced to stay home and forgo in person communication. As a result, platforms like Reddit and Instagram are becoming prime hotspots for people to share and discuss their interests. Unfortunately, the implementation of these platforms have shortcomings that hinder the ideal medium of communication for hobbyists.

What it does

Instagram is the place to go for people to explore their hobbies. You can follow pages, search through hashtags, and have posts suggested to you right on your feed. Instagram is incredibly engaging through pictures. However, there is a lack of detailed and technical communication that Instagram simply cannot offer. People rarely make meaningful engagements within the comments. If they do, it’s more often a simple quip or comment. Our app seeks to negate this problem by providing “boards” where people can actively communicate. Furthermore, the app would be accessible through mobile and desktop. Since Instagram is mobile-oriented, the lack of a physical keyboard is also a hindrance to discussion.

Many hobbyists flock to a subreddit of their interest in order to express and share their hobbies. It’s an excellent place to interact with other like minded people. The issue with Reddit is a lack of personalization. Profiles consist of simple picture/cover photos and post history in chronological order. Little other information is posted. We hope to create a hybrid of Reddit and Instagram, pulling from the benefits of both to create an app that features customizable profiles and a great sense of community. Detailed discussion boards are a must.

How we built it

We used React.js to layout the forum structure. Our backend was supported by Google Firebase, serving as the storage for data persistence. We implemented Bootstrap to assist with our front end and jQuery to help our back end.

Challenges we ran into

Working with Javascript proved harder than anticipated, and building out a full forum proved to be very difficult.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're happy pleased that we managed to get the basic structure down.

What we learned

This was an excellent foray into the nature of front-end development, and for learning about the basics of React.js/Firebase/CSS.

What's next for ComeUnity

Hopefully we can revisit this project in the future!

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