Student party hosts sometimes have difficulty attracting students to their events, not because of lack of interest, but because it's tough to promote events to their target market. Students who want to attend parties on campus, meanwhile, might have just as much difficulty with finding parties to attend! Comethru serves as a platform to bridge that gap and help everyone socialize.

What it does

The app allows hosts to publish geotagged events, which other students can then see in a list or map layout. Parties are sorted based on student ratings and proximity.

How I built it

For the project stack, I pushed myself out of my comfort zone by using Ionic as a cross-platform mobile app system. On the back end, I used the more familiar Flask webserver combined with a PostgreSQL database.

Challenges I ran into

I don't have a lot of experience with Ionic, so I had to fight through a great many esoteric AngularJS bugs that I wasn't well prepared to handle. There are still a lot of bugs that I need to find more permanent solutions to.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This was my first time building a nontrivial mobile app from the ground up, and also my first time connecting such an app to an API of my own design!

What I learned

Lots about Ionic, and clean Flask design patterns.

What's next for Comethru

I have been wanting to develop this project for a while now, so I plan to continue working on it, adding tons more features and improving stability so that I can launch it for my second semester at Yale.

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