We wanted to create something that allowed for an easy deployment and multiple options for those who want to host their own game servers.

What it does

Currently it deploys Minecraft and Valheim servers into your cluster. There is also container scanning done on the containers that are deployed into the cluster.

How we built it

We setup a Kubernetes cluster inside of Google Cloud and executed our custom helm scripts onto the cluster. Through various trial and error we tweaked permissions and routing to allow for players to join.

Challenges we ran into

Ingress and Egress Routing. Namespace Subdomain Getting the Helm chart to do what we wanted.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. It actually works!
  2. It really is as easy as 3 commands.
  3. As an extra + we implemented a functional Argo CD

What we learned

So much....

How ingress and egress controllers work. How Kubernetes works and auto-scales. What a Helm Chart is. How to use Google Platform (None of us heard of it till MLH was like use this) How to implement and sync an Argo CD server with a live GitLab.

What's next for Cometfall Games Kubernetes Game Deployment

More game servers! An auto deployment container that is compiled and scanned through GitLab. Terminal interface selection for what server and how many servers of that type to deploy.

Tryout our Valheim or Minecraft Servers:

Valheim Server IP:
Password: password

Minecraft Server IP:

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