Virtual Assistants are a common tool across the internet these days. They make finding information easier for the uses so we decided to take on the UTD Student Gov challenge and apply that logic to the UTD webpages.

What it does

Stores links to the various major UTD webpages and gives the user categories to narrow down the search and provide the most useful links.

How I built it

Using Open API software we developed the chatbot structure. Then we moved that chatbot code into a basic HTML website. Using an online HTML IDE to run the software, the chatbot pops up in the corner of the webpage.

Challenges I ran into

Figuring out how to navigate the chatbot software was a learning curve as it was new software. My team also experienced issues getting the chatbot to run within the HTML website, but eventually we figured it out by using the online IDE.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Successfully building a working chatbot. Making an accessible tool for UTD students.

What I learned

How to implement a chatbot and how they are structured.

What's next for Comet Companion (CoCo)

Adding more resources into the database and more wide range of categories for students to select from.

Built With

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