I have just discovered very recently StepZen GraphQL as a service product and wants to propose a few use cases (web3 extension, postgresql ) for its dedicated online hackathon

What it does

It extends existing stepzen web3 demo application with other web3 data providers. Integration with DBrelational like Postgresql have been also performed

How we built it

For each Datasource, creation of appropriate stepzen declarative files (index.graphql, config.yaml, stepzen.config.json,..) in appropriate subdirectory, then run 'stepzen start' command to get local and production url.

test with GraphiQL playground

Integration of NextJS web3 application with StepZen Graph as a service to combine various data sources and Databases (Fauna, Postgresql) accessible thru API :

  • Wallet (address, ...) information

  • User Information (firstName, lastName, email,...)

  • web3 data Providers

Challenges we ran into

  • environment variable access at nextJS frontend : solved by prefixing environment variable name with NEXT_PUBLIC_ and using getServerSideProps function to prerender content

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • MVP application about web3 frontend (NextJS) interacting with StepZen component unique endpoint combining wallet , PostgreSql Database query+materializer SQL like join and One Single StepZen Endpoint

  • Positive Experiments with following StepZen directives :

@rest (web3 Data Providers),

What we learned

StepZen Graph as a service with its ecosystem (debug tools, graphQL studio, CLI)

Various Web3 Data Providers API Integration

Next JS frontend

What's next for Combozen

  • integrate more web 3 Data providers API

  • continue mix of datasource endpoints ...

Built With

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