Company needs to request its members to sign legal authorization, for instance school needs parent to sign legal photographic image rights. This process is performed generally by paper print, transmitted to members who have to fill themselves their personal information, and add manually their signature, then send back to the organization (for instance : school,...). This long process can be digitalized with HelloSign technology by paperless sustainable approach.

What it does

ComboSIgn application will enable to select and load template, combine with members email address file (or database), facilitate the transmission to the members by initiating embedded signing mechanism, then followup the digital contract by members

How we built it

  • ComboSign integrates HelloSIgn API to implement the embedded request to sign process from its frontend app.

  • It includes also HelloSign templates features.

  • It stores automatically signed documents on Dropbox application dedicated storage as well.

Technical Stack :

  • NodeJS

  • HelloSign API

  • Dropbox storage API / Capture ....

Challenges we ran into

  • dynamic token to interact with hellosign api => implementation of oauth authentication code flow protocol

  • document storage and sharing with other people => integration of Dropbox storage service

  • trigger automatically document storage after document signing => activation of hellosign callback for signature-all-parties event which enables to request dropbox storage of signed document

  • video clip generation to showcase the full application on desktop => recording screen+micro facilitated with Dropbox Capture on windows desktop, which keeps as well a copy of the screencast in dropbox capture dedicated folder.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • full chain use case (dynamic token generation with oauth2 code grant+ hellosign embedded signing after merging template with user data content + dropbox automatic storage ) running on Heroku to enable public access

What we learned

  • Integration of HelloSign API in Node JS backend with handlebars frontend application

What's next for ComboSign

  • include other hellosign features (such as helloworks,...)

  • test app approval process

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