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ComboFUSE is a powerful storage solution that combines cheap USB drives with the cheap Raspberry Pi to provide a powerful, flexible storage solution that is larger than its parts! It aims to provide a cheaper NAS or private cloud for those looking for storage.

Technical Details

We implemented ComboFUSE with a mix of the FUSE C library and Python, allowing us to take advantage of the powerful functionality of FUSE while still maintaining flexibility in Python.

The solution works on a file based level instead of a block one - we opted for a file based solution because it provided significantly more flexibility. On the market, solutions like LVM, Windows Storage Pools, and others require a complete format due to the nature of the block based solutions. With our solution, storing with ComboFUSE won't require any format - you can just plug your drive in and it works!

We allow existing drives to be combined together to form a larger, more flexible storage solution. Unlike traditional solutions, you can add and remove drives at any time without impacting usability of the storage space. The storage also spans multiple drives, allowing those with smaller drives to combine them and store even larger files.

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