Inspiration The idea for ComboClique is to provide a fun social environment to connect with friends while saving money on deals. Businesses also gain high amounts of new, loyal customers.

What it does The main idea is that businesses can upload promotional deals that will have 2 or more levels. These levels can be achieved by groups of friends, basically, the more friends you have in the group that will be purchasing the product, the closer you are to the next level, which means a better discount!!

How we built it We built the app with Swift 2.0 and Parse BackEnd.

Challenges we ran into Some challenges we ran into were the quick notifications between users when one user invites another to a group, we wanted that user to be notified in a quick matter. Also, loading information from Parse took some time, because of the mass amount of querying and searching.

Accomplishments that we're proud of Overall, we are proud of the basic concept and flow of the app. The app gives a great presentation of how the real application will work. Although it is very simple at the moment, people can really understand what our concept is all about.

What we learned We learned the main idea of how social networks work, which is very cool, Parse providing the back end is a great tool and we both learned so much from it.

What's next for ComboClique We will keep working on the user design of the app and hopefully find more developers who would want to join our team!!

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