First, from 2 articles : one posted on Facebook (qeios) and the other found on the net, I need lots of data to confirm or reverse this solution. Maybe more to precise sars-Cov 2 action mecanism to gain time !

Here is the story of Coronavirus Sars-Cov2 only based on my assumptions so far :

I'm only guessing here each sentence need scientific proof and clinical confirmation.

I think that,

In the first Part :

Complexing spike protein can neutralise Sars-Cov2 entry by maintaining it out of the cells. But clinical evidence seems to be insufficient. We need to clarify ACE2 targeting to be reference in this aspect.

We probably have 2 phases in this infection : firstly, incubation phase without or with few symptomes (for this we probably need clinical results on viremia during all hospitalised time of patients) with 2 types of patients : mild or severe. We need to be certain that Sars-coV2 is truly implicated in the same way for each category of patient ( or if we have particular cases with differences how can we clinically explain them), find evidence to eliminate mutating variants of sars-coV2.

Another aspect that we need to verify is this one : do we have any similarities with other viruses like hiv or influenzae viruses (maybe not structural but based only on mecanism and clinical picture)

We have to understand why do we have now to try and combine entry and exit treatments. If it is truly sufficient.Here goes my biggest assumption on combination treatment for this infection.

In the second Part : it is a little bit harder because it is leading to symptomatic phase probably 7 days later,

My final guesses is to reveal nicotinic pathway as complementary implicated in most of severe cases (if not try to clinically explain why). Is the cytokinic cascade ("cytokine storm" to be precise) truly the one activating in those cases resulting in decreasing of immune system response and causing death of adults patients (of a ard syndrome).

Patients probably need another treatment only for this response : the better effects would be to associate an entry blocker with a inhibitor of this excessive immune response.

We have finally to check and work on incubation time on this infection in actual patients to see if it can reveal not only exessive immune response but also a specific type of cell target : macrophages is probably the key (tocilizumab could first proved this assumption). We need to test in vivo blood sample for macrophages detection probably implicating in Sars-Cov 2 infection. We also have to explore this biosynthesis pathway to find treatment solutions and create hospital protocol for this. Recent young patients cases (8 to 15 years old) of Sars-coV2 in different european countries were reported to present (atypic) kawasaki syndrome that could be explained by sars-cov2 direct targeting macrophages to multiply in human body as it is present in specifically reported organs. In those,we need incubation time to be sure, clinicial reports on weight data on children during hospital stay, testing of bone resorption markers and surface markers of that specific cell target (clinical trials ongoing with antibody testing should provide clues in this) like CD33/CD14 and comparing this to CD8 marker (NK). A 4 to 5 days return to normal state in those specific cases could be misleading to false healing state (waiting for cases of infection rebound). This could prove that Sars-cov2 is truly infecting all human population without any distinction resulting in pandemic actual state. We have to search for other rare cases. Proposing to clinicians lysosyma dosage for sars-coV2 diagnosis and follow-up as it could be implicated in the taste less symptom.

This project only exists in fictional questions. Each question appeals for clinical needs and we will be progressing like an oriented litterature review until we stop to the solution or cannot find any more answers.

I am only a pharmacy student here and I need all your support on this !

What it does

First treatment consist in decreasing viremia with actual rh-ACE2 treatment and second to probably inhibiting immune excessive response in the nicotinic pathway yet to prove the finding of the actual target.

How I built it

I need help in biology and chemistry fields such as neurobiology, virology and clinicians in this area to hold the project ! A lot of data knowledge is needed in data base for gathering fresh news and papers !

Challenges I ran into

Clinical data, scientific knowledge and litterature review, find the second molecule in existing data base or screening and build the new molecule if needed.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Everything needs a beginning

What I learned

I need some useful colleagues and data

What's next

Sharing vaccine formula to clinicians to help vaccine production including Spike S protein to IL-6 fragment depending on seasonality.

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