Combarter is a community-based app implementing the tradition barter system in the current generation. The Vision is to reach this app to every apartment community, hoping it would become an efficient collaborative platform for all the residents of the community. We have taken the efficient approach for the resident's enrollment, strictly restricting to only the residents and no strangers, unlike location based applications. Only the verified residents of the community will be members of the group which is created for each apartment.

We are planning to launch several features to address the daily needs of the residents. Every need we are trying to address will be laid on in an Ask-Get-Reward fashion which is a typical barter system. Thus, enabling a friendly transaction mechanism among the residents rather than a commercial transaction.

Here are the features :

  1. typical carpooling service - but for only with in the community residents : Rider will update the pool service details in the app and the vacancies. The Notification is broadcasted to all the residents and they can join. but the feature we are introducing is No Payment between the rider and the driver. They can give rewards, thank you points to the driver which can be redeemed at Fuel cards. Since this is in with in the same community, no waiting time, no droppings and neither the driver nor the driver feel it as a business deal. It is laid out as friendly service offering yet benefetting to both the parties.

  2. Exchange goodies: Not everyone has every thing. If i need a car jumper, i can post it and request for the need from my neighbour. As a token of gratitude, I can reward my thank you points or can exchange the product when they need for in future.

  3. Our Kids: No hurry to come back home to pick up my kids at school. Our kids where i know who among my neighbours are already on the way to school where our kids study. I can request the pickup of my kids.

  4. Drop Door: This is an awesome feature where i can book shipping list online and the pickup done by my neighbour who are already planning to visit the store. I can share my order number and the package is ready at the counter. The store would give reward to my neighbour as they pick up my package along with theirs, i can just walk to their flat for the pickup.

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