Today, creating change in your community by setting legal precedence is much simpler than what it was even 25 years ago. But, the ability to create this change is still not fully democratized, or at least available in a platform that people who are not either interested in or a part of the profession can understand. With a growing number of problems having to be solved by the common people, a platform needs to exist to give someone the tools to try and set legal precedence without having to be a lawyer.

What it does

Justify aims to solve that by providing a simply designed platform to create and collaborate on licenses for works, make and share petitions, as well as write articles for an online legal review that does not belong to a specific academic institution.

How I built it

Justify is a web app. It was built using HTML, CSS, and Javascript. For forms and saving data, Parse was employed as the database solution. To keep with growing needs for simple UI design, Materialize's CSS package was used to provide icons, typography, and other stylistic elements to achieve a "material-designesque" interface. For colloboration on licenses, Moxtra's API was used. To help take these licenses and adapt them for use to protect intellectual property, Bitproof's API is used for notarization.

Challenges I ran into

I did not know much front end javascript before the hackathon. So, much of the project was spent learning many Javascript practices. Additionally, Bitproof's API was definitely a completely different perspective on the idea of a license, and packaging that into an already disparate application was difficult.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud of designing a simple, neat website, for coming up with a new way to look at patent law, and for being able to dynamically change the site based on changes in the database.

What I learned

I learned to go for hackathons when they start, rather than almost 24 hours later, or don't even bother going. I also learned a lot about front-end javascript.

What's next for Justify

Even if its not in its current feature-set, I would like to make Justify a platform that actually helps spread legal change.

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