As students from NUS School of Computing, we always wanted to record our daily life as programmers in a relaxing way. Our idea of making this into a game comes from a mobile game named 'Mom hides video games' developed by Hap Inc. 'Mom hides video games' is an interesting game in which the player needs to solve many puzzles to achieve the same goal—— finding the video game hidden by mom.

What it does

COM LAB ESCAPE is a room escape game in which the player acts as a computer science student who was trapped in a mysterious computer lab. The player needs to solve various puzzles to open the door and unlock new rooms.

How I built it

We used Game Maker Studio 2 to build this game. We also used photoshop to create all the artwork used in the game.

Challenges I ran into

The software is totally new to us as we only started learning it on the first day of Hack n Roll. There were many functions that were quite difficult, such as collision events, depth of layers and objects, and fade in fade out effects that we employed to make the transition smoother.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We did a legit little game that is actually playable all by ourselves. Its level of completion is quite high.

What I learned

Basic Game Maker Studio skills and the ability to self learn in a short amount of time.

What's next for Com Lab Escape

1.More rooms and puzzles 2.A complete Story Line 3.For now Com Lab Escape is not highly connected to programmers daily life, we plan to create more puzzles that is specific designed for computing students like us. Our aim is to design a game that makes every computing students laugh

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