1. The Concept: With many children shut out of schools and at home due to the covid-19 pandemic, many in the sub-urban and rural areas of Nigeria do not have access to good internet services to keep learning like their counterparts in the cities, so creating a series of colouring book game apps that can foster learning without to much dependence on internet became imperative. I have made two different colouring book game apps so far and the following is one of them, called "Hyginy"... I used a no code app builder to make it, and so what it required was that I had to learn how to use the app builder platform; engage my creativity in developing different colouring book game concepts, research on the pictures to use and doing some content creation to promote the released game app organically.

  2. The Cause: What if we could teach necessary FACTS through the FUN activity of a COLOURING GAME APP?

Coloring nurtures creativity and helps people to learn how to focus.

Now "Hyginy" is a unique Colouring Game App that incorporates the practice of Colouring to help people (particularly children) learn about HYGIENE. And this is highly relevant for the current covid-19 pandemic period - helping people to inculcate the culture of good hygiene practice.

Facts | Fun | Focus

And guess what? You can enjoy it without INTERNET 😉... But you have to first download and install it using INTERNET.

It has 20 interesting images to explore and enjoy on HYGIENE.

It's cool for both adults and children.

Kindly click here - bit.ly/gethyginyapp to be able to get the link to download for FREE the APK of "Hyginy" - the Happy Hygiene Colouring Game App.

As a Social Innovator, I am constructively committed to the fields of Quality Education, Productive Youth Development, Strategic Human Resource Management and Pragmatic Health Advancement.

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