Emotions are valuable and colourful! But how aware of your emotions are you? Presented to you by Jia Cheng, Kevin, Yiying and Ziqing


  1. Emotions are valuable data points. But we often ignored them as they tend to come and go really fast.
  2. To make matters worse, we are not naturally good at describing our emotions - it takes time to choose the correct word to capture the extent and the magnitude of our emotions.
  3. Colour Psychology tells us colours can affect how we feel, so we were thinking: can we reverse colour psychology and use colours to accurately describe our mood?

What it does

  • Help you identify how they feel now using a 6 x 6 colour grid, which is separated into four quadrants according to their energy level and pleasantness.
  • Record your emotions using colours, tags and descriptions.
  • Share your own emotions with others.
  • View statistics and tips for your emotions.

How we built it

Tools: Figma, Android Studio, Flutter framework We use Flutter on Android Studio to build a MVP and we also use Figma to build a UI mockup. We also use pencil and paper to plan out our ideas.

Challenges we ran into

  • Time constraints: we had to think of how much was realistic to build in a span of 1 day
  • Our unfamiliarity with the frameworks we used, like Flutter. It was very fun though
  • Deciding on whether to work on mockup versus actual app, as we ran into many difficulties with Flutter. Whereas, it is comparatively much easier to make Figma look good. Physical strength (lack of sleep) :)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Having a consistent looking figma layout. This is our first time using Figma, hence having a prototype spanning over 15 distinct pages was rather noteworthy.
  • Developing our first Flutter app. We are new to mobile development, having only experienced web frameworks previously. We managed to get some of the most important pages planned out in Figma working to a certain extent on Flutter.

What we learned

  • Our team consists of three CS students and one Psychology student. We have learnt how colours and emotions are intrinsically linked with each other in an amazing way.
  • We have learnt how emotions are very colourful and
  • It is our first time using Flutter so it is fun to try to get it to work.
  • The important thing is how we want to solve a problem and our creativity should not be limited to our existing knowledge. In the beginning we were deciding between using React which is something we are all more familiar with or using Flutter which we have no experience in. But we ultimately agree that we are here to learn and to step out of our comfort zone. So it would be more valuable for us to try something new. We should be bold to try new things so that our ideas will not be limited by our current ability. That is how we grow.

What's next for Colourful Mood

  • To make the grid more interactive. Currently we let the emotion at a particular grid pop up using SnackBar on the screen, so we could use a lower grid to show the surrounding emotions like in the Figma.
  • Connect to noSQL database so that we can have user authentication and sharing of posts among users.
  • To allow for integration with Google and Facebook accounts so users import their connections on those platforms.

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