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Comic Book Cool

The visual design of a new product is a challenging topic for designers/engineers/companies... Industrial designers want to go in one direction and engineers want to go in the exact opposite direction. If too many compromises are made on product design--the overall product is somewhat akin to vanilla flavored ice cream--bland/boring/cautious--the design should've/could've been more like Cold Stone Creamery's Strawberry Blonde or more like Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough---just super awesome.

How do we go from vanilla to super awesome? Why not tap into comic book cool of course! During the dot com era besides designing web pages, I picked up a lot of comic book work-inking/coloring/lettering/penciling/editing/etc..-great books had talented writers/pencilers/inkers/colorists/editors/etc.. And bad books didn't start out aiming to be bad--they were books where either the writer/editor/management had lacked a comprehensive vision for the title. If the artwork was subpar-the writing would really be the glue that held a comic book together. If the writing was bad--then the artwork had better be spectacular. If the writing and art were both really awful then the title was doomed to fail.

Tonight, I'm rethinking my visual design for the Colossus Project, and I'm thinking of it from the vector of injecting some "Comic Book Cool" into the visual design. I'm asking myself questions from back when I worked in the comic book field--questions like what should a signaling device that (insert your favorite super hero name here--Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman/Walker/etc..) would use?

Would Batman use something like this? And is it elegant enough for Cat Woman? Once I have answered those questions and I'll have injected "Comic Book Cool" into the Colossus project :)

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