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Photon Network Connectivity

I brought my Particle Photon to show a client--and embarrasingly--my Photon wouldn't connect to my client's secure WiFi network--I tried using their guest network and that didn't work either. I know that my Photon can store and access multiple networks, and not being able to connect to my client's network for a test run has me a little worried--the project so far works great at my house--and off my home WiFi--crickets--sort of like that cartoon with the singing and dancing frog--it sings and dances for just one person, and is non-responsive for a crowd :)

For the hackathon--I'm going to find my old Linksys WiFi router and possibly bring my ethernet switch and some ethernet cables. The inability of my Photon to connect a different network has me spooked a bit--and I'll feel better bringing a WiFi router that I know should work in theory :) *Note to self* Check WiFi router and Photon connectivity before the hackathon :)

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