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G-O-O-D! Goooood Morning!

A few quick updates! We have a video up and running about our project! The video is a super short fun video that conveys excitement for our project and has a call to action to vote for it on the 17th. Please let everyone know about the voting event :) And share the video with everyone:

I've managed to get the used Particle Photon to work by reinstalling the firmware from the CLI interface by forcing the install through the USB cable--for some reason the used Particle Photon wouldn't see my Wi-Fi network--and now after the new firmware install--everything is work out really well.

For some reason one of my computers won't run the CLI--I get a permissions problem on install and I can't seem to fix a serial port problem either--the 2 problems might be related or unrelated--but I at least have the CLI up and running on 1 computer :) And I strongly advise everyone--people on our team or other teams to try getting the CLI runnning on their computers. I think the web build interface might work out--but having the CLI installed means that the show can still go on--even if we can't connect to the web build interface :)

I did pick up a NeoPixel LED strip as shown in the video--MicroCenter was out of the clone Adafruit 8 NeoPixel Strips--so I ordered some online which hopefully arrives before the 17th :)

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