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I was in Iowa this past weekend for a wedding, and I didn't quite realize it until I had left Minneapolis--but the Twin Cities is a significant tech hub! When I'm here in Minneapolis/St. Paul--presenting ideas to friends/clients/business partners--things just never seem to be good enough because we are all in a constant non-stop cycle of innovating--the ideas/visions we have can lifted to the next level--which is what makes our region such a unique tech hub. For example, I presented a Pan/Tilt Timelapse camera project at the Makerfaire and shared the designs with fellow Makers--everyone felt that the design could be much, much better with either a Bluetooth connection or with a touch screen LCD.

The same is true with my clients--I can build them an Android App, and they would want an iOS App, once the iOS App is completed--I'd win a contract for making the website responsive--or they'd need a Facebook campaign, etc... Essentially--I could wheel in a Dr. Who-Styled-Police-Phone-Booth-Box, a "Time Machine" into their office and plug it into the wall outlet and say something like, "This is a 'Time Machine' we can travel back in time--the range is 1-5 days for traveling back in time. Ready to fire up the 'Time Machine' portal and step back in time 1-5 days?" And my client would say, "Wouldn't it be better if the 'Time Machine' ran on batteries--please come back when it runs on batteries/solar cells/etc..."

Last weekend in Iowa--friends and family were admiring the Thomas the Train tracks and bridges that I had downloaded from Thingaverse and printed out on my Ultimaker a few months back for my 2-year old son. They were totally in fascination at 3d printing tech--which back in Minnesota we'd argue that FDM printers were actually 2d printers, etc... And that's why we are different--In Iowa--nothing but compliments/fascination--In Minneapolis/St. Paul--suggestions and challenges to build a better product/tech/design--I love our tech hub, and wouldn't want it any other way :)

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