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Good Morning! I've modified our Trello project so that we're all admins--and I've also added everyone to the project so that we can all list the parts we're bringing/tools/etc... When you list a part--but your initials by them--this we can sort out whose is bringing what part/tool/etc...

Just in case you are having trouble logging into Trello here's the software/parts/tools I'm tentatively bringing:

Software: Xcode LiveCode - RAD Tool Xojo - RAD Tool Pencil Case - RAD Tool Sketch - RAD Tool MAX/MSP - RAD Tool Processing - Great Open Source Language Apple HomeKit - Experimental IoT Platform

Needed Software: Someone on the Android side of the coin. Backend tools. Restful API skillset/experience.

Equipment: Dremel Dremel Routing Tool Dremel Mini Drill Press Weller WD1001 Soldering Station Ultimaker Printer --currently in repair--hopefully I'll get it back before the IoT Hackathon Wire Strippers Diagonal Wire Cutters Metric and Imperial Hex Wrenches

Needed Equip: Server for HomeKit--Maybe a Raspberry PI could run Apple HomeKit?

Parts: 1 used Particle Photon -- needs to be reset 1 Particle Photon 1 eBay OLED 1 SparkFun Photon OLED 1 SparkFun Battery Shield 1 SparkFun Photon Weather Shield 1 SparkFun Inventor's Kit for Photon -- uses SparkFun Red Board 1 mustachio Spark Core Battery Board 1 Spark Core Relay Shield 2 micro breadboards 1 SparkFun JoyStick Shield 1 SparkFun 2x16 LCD 1 Red Bear Labs BLE Shield for Arduino 1 Microcenter Uno R3 1 Ultimaker PLA 2.85mm filament 1 Ultimaker CPE 2.85mm filament 1 MadeSolid PET+ 2.85mm filament 1 Taulman Clear t-glase 2.85mm filament 1 Makerbot White PLA 1.75mm filament

Needed Parts: LEDs, WS2812B LEDs/NeoPixels, wearable boards, wearable system, more particle photons, maybe some different BLE boards, sensors, arduino yun, raspberry pi, capacitors, resistors, desoldering braid, Li Ion Batteries, w/JST connector, JST connectors, wires, breadboard jumper wires, screws, glue, etc...

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