Our mission is to promote gaming and cryptocurrencies together by establishing a user-controlled ecosystem that allows users to transact both ways using our token, allowing gamers, investors, and content creators to profit while engaged in an immersive world. The goal is to enable players to display their accomplishments in a creative economy and to demonstrate the worth of their effort accomplished within the game project. When users dedicate themselves to a goal, it will be displayed for all to see once fulfilled. Colossus aims to break down gaming industry borders by allowing users to stake and trade Tverse currency within the game's marketplace. Players can trade objects they've discovered, created, or earned with one another in this area. We envision a future in which previously exclusive wealth building strategies are made freely available, restoring people's control over their financial systems. We have a long term commitment to pioneer the arena of decentralized and privacy-focused ecosystems. We aim to allow players to gain Tverse tokens by participating in our gaming environment in ways that maintain their privacy, security, and autonomy.

What it does

The objective is to allow users to display their achievements and the value of the work completed within the game onto there NFT. When the user dedicates themselves to an objective once completed it will be displayed for all to see in the marketplace. This now displays the value of the NFT based off of the accomplishments made within the game. This is called VROA ( Visual Representation Of Accomplishments)

How we built it

First we created a database that could collect data from a smart contract. The data would get collected from the game within UE5. Now we would want to send the data to the marketplace for minting. We built the game using Unreal Engine 4 and we are porting over our development pipeline to UE5.

Challenges we ran into

We do not have a marketplace to test the communication between platforms. We want the game Colossus to run through streaming so that the user base doesn't need PC requirements. We want to deliver Colossus directly to players using 'Immersive Stream for Games' technology. We need to see how fast the communication will take place from one platform to the next.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of creating the first episode for Colossus. We have about 2 years game development completed for the game. All game characters and animations have been completed. The web platform is complete. Our first ThetaDrop was a success called Thetaverse.

We have successfully implemented:

  • Cross-platform compatibility and scalability
  • A customized gameplay ability system
  • A choice between three different game modes: > Elimination(Team Deathmatch) > Control(Capture the Control point) > Exploder (a top down party game).
  • Optimized, hand-crafted content including locomotion animation assets, sounds, and a weapon system that is compatible with any 'Pawn'.

What we learned

We learned that we need to create the game in stages or episodes, allowing development to complete the VROA feature one year at a time. We can add one feature per year for 5 years and give the user base a living project that will continue to be upgraded in the future releases to demonstrate VROA features.

What's next for Colossus

We will be creating episode #2 for the VROA NFTs to be implemented into a theta marketplace. Episode #3 will be the first game play episode for those NFTs to be used to access the game and include 1 feature that will be displayed on their NFT. Episode 3 will have approximately 2.5 hours of play time.

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