I have created one project where a user creates a CSS Gradient different pattern and user dynamically generates a pattern so I have an idea for this pattern to be used as an NFT I decided to create a project this pattern is used as an NFT. Project Link:

What it does

This Project user creates its own type of design pattern and sells it as an NFT.

How we built it

First I have chosen a design that how to look our product and after building it step by step

Challenges we ran into

  • When I created this project first issue for which wallet connector libraries are best so I used many wallet connection library use like rainbow kit,, and web3Onboard and finally I used web3onboard library.
  • For the second issue, I create a new design pattern tool then many issues generate like many time color mismatch and not generating a dynamic gradient design pattern
  • when creating a design pattern the design is purely CSS so when minting NFT after creating a CSS design pattern to create an image after uploading in IPFS Storage so issue generates when CSS design creates an image and creates the file. (the help of googling solve the problem in StackOverflow)
  • Many times create fronted so typescript type is wrong like react use useRef when using a type of element.
  • Data fetch in fronted then many time issue not get data in blockchain and blockchain to integrate with fronted when blockchain gets us bignumber so converted in number issue to generate

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

I have learned many things like first how to user-friendly design create. The most useful thing I learned was how to project complete fast so I learned first set your goal and after implementing it.

What's next for ColorSpy

Add Also NFT Collection and add more Design Pattern

Built With

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